Where online dudes!!

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Where online dudes!!

Post  Mr.Croes on Wed Apr 23, 2008 9:15 am


I would like to congrat u for the great work u guys did on putting this fantastic looking site together.
I hope our vistors can accept the fact that we're living in a new 'cyber'era and communication nowdays
often happens with a screen between us (mobiles/tv/pc's)
That doesn't have to mean it isn't personal anymore.
Maybe this will bring us even closer together.
I hope the rest of the school will participate and benefit from this.
Bonaire, SGB doesn't only have a new website, SGB is interactive online dude!!!! cheers
Keep up the good work and remeber you can count on me.......


Mr. Croes Cool


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Re: Where online dudes!!

Post  Fish Cakes o.o on Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:37 pm

Thanks alot Mr. Croes for taking time out of your day to come onto our forums and post something, i actually saw you writing this in the teachers new "chill zone" the other day and it amused me that a teacher was on the school forums.

I completely agree with your 'cyber' era theory and i think it is important that our school goes along with it as many other schools already have, i would just love to see a few more people on our forums as it is a new easier way for students to communicate with other students and other teachers.

Fish Cakes o.o

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